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Large statue of Norse god THOR. Hand carved wooden Vikings god.

Large statue of Norse god THOR. Hand carved wooden Vikings god.

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This is hand carved wooden figurine of the Norse god Thor.
It is made of linden tree. The statuette is covered with linseed oil and wax.
Height: 25 centimeters (9.8 inches).
It is possible to make such a statue in the size of 20cm (7.87 inches)

You can collect your Scandinavian pantheon from my statues. I have other gods and goddesses of the same size and design. Look in my listings and choose!

In Norse mythology, Thor is the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning, associated with storms, oak trees, strength, hallowing, fertility, the protection of mankind and of the fortress of Asgard. The son of Odin All-Father and Jörð (the personification of Earth), he is physically the strongest of the Æsir. This statue is entirely hand carved from Linden wood using traditional techniques and tools therefore each statue is unique and may present slight design variations.

Wooden Thor Statue

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Creating a wooden statue of Thor can be a complex task and requires certain skills from the craftsman. We use the most effective techniques and materials to make our idols durable and beautiful. They will be a good addition to your home design and collection of handmade rarities. You can buy Thor statue directly from our shop in no time.

Thor God Statue

In the mythology of the Scandinavic people, Thor stands as a formidable and revered deity, embodying different natural phenomenons like storms that bring a lot of damage and also related powers like thunder and lightning. Thor is one of the main figures among well-known deities of the Northern culture that make him a central figure in the Norse pantheon.

Mjölnir is a weapon of Thor whom he wields to crush his enemies made by Sindri and his brother Brokkr. This enchanted weapon not only serves as a tool of war but also symbolizes protection and sanctity. With Mjölnir in hand, Thor is capable of conjuring thunderstorms, channeling lightning, and vanquishing his adversaries with unmatched force.

Thor's adventures are legendary, often pitting him against giants, monsters, and other cosmic threats. Among his most notable feats is his ongoing battle with the serpent Jörmungandr, whose immense size encircles the world. Thor's clashes with this monstrous foe are prophesied to culminate in Ragnarök, the cataclysmic battle that heralds the end of the world.

Despite his ferocity in battle, Thor is also considered as an neutral force. He took the side of both gods and in some cases humans, often intervening to safeguard them from harm. His benevolence and valor earn him widespread adoration among the Norse people, who revere him as a guardian and champion.

As Christianity spread throughout Scandinavia, belief in the Norse gods waned, yet Thor's legacy endured through the retelling of his myths and legends. Today, his iconic stature persists in popular culture, from literature and art to comics and films. Marvel Comics' portrayal of Thor as a superhero has introduced him to audiences worldwide, ensuring that his mythological essence remains vibrant and influential in the modern era.

Speaking generally, the mythology around Thor is a result of the enduring power of ancient myths, legends, weaving together themes of strength and divine intervention into a timeless narrative that always amazes and keeps people interested.

We have Thor statues for sale that are available for shipment to any country. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to make a custom order.

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