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Statue of demon Baphomet.

Statue of demon Baphomet.

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In front of you is a wooden product depicting the most famous demon Baphomet.
Aspen wood coated with special wood paint. some elements are painted with acrylic paint. It can be placed on the table and used for your rituals or hung on the wall.

Its dimensions: 20cmx6.5cmx2.5cm.

Baphomet is a deity worshiped by the Templars. Later it entered various occult and Western esoteric traditions as a demon in the form of a man with a goat's head and legs.

Baphomet Statues

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The statue of an odious person as Baphomet is a modern depiction of a deity involved into different occult rituals and mysterious actions, notably the Satanic Temple. It features a humanoid body with a head of a goat, wings, a pentagram that is carved on its forehead, and both elements of men and women origin, that show the union of opposites.

Here are a few key features that are related to the Baphomet image:

  1. Beginning of the story: The essence of Baphomet has murky origins, with early references in the chronicles of the medieval times, when this deity was associated with accusations of disbelief aimed against the Knights Templar. However, the modern image of Baphomet is largely attributed to 19th-century occultist Eliphas Levi, who depicted it in the writing "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie" (Dogma and Ritual of High Magic) that was dated in the year of 1856.

  2. Symbolism: Baphomet represents various occult concepts, including balance, duality, and the harmonic combination of opposite sides. The goat’s head most often symbolizes the scapegoat, while the pentagram has a meaning of the elements of spiritual essence. 

  3. The Temple of Satan: People believed that the Baphomet figurine gained wide attention these days through the efforts of the Satanic Temple, a non-theistic religious organization that advocates for secularism and individual liberty. The Satanic Temple erected a Baphomet statue as a symbol of religious pluralism and free expression in response to debates over public displays of religious symbols.

  4. Legal and Cultural Controversy: The Baphomet statue has sparked legal and cultural controversies in various contexts, particularly regarding its use in public spaces. Some view it as a provocative symbol of defiance against religious orthodoxy, while others think of it as a symbol of religious freedom and pluralism.

  5. Merchandise: Given its popularity and recognition, there are various forms of Baphomet merchandise available, including statues, jewelry, and artwork. These items are often sought after by collectors or individuals with an interest in occult symbolism.

Baphomet Satanic Statue

Overall, you can buy the Baphomet statue as a special symbol within certain occult and esoteric circles, representing a range of philosophical and spiritual ideas. Its imagery still captivates and provokes discussion in contemporary culture.

You can choose the Baphomet statue for sale in our store to add it into your collection as well as other similar items that are related to the dark magic. We provide 30 days money back guarantee and high quality of our products.

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