Collection: Celtic Gods Figurines

Wooden Celtic Gods Figurines And Statues

Unlike gods of other cultures, the Celtic gods and goddesses still remain not so popular and well-known in the world. People know a lot about Egyptian, Roman and Greek pantheons but who can name any facts about such deities as Dagda, Danu or Lugh? Who was the main god in the Celtic pantheon? To what god does specific natural phenomenon relate to? These myths and history are both equally fascinating to learn about. Some of the examples to get you acquainted with the most popular deities of the mythology: Morrigan was the goddess of battle and slaughter, Brighid - patroness of blacksmiths and healers, Dagda - God of the Earth, Macha - Goddess of war, life and death, Aengus Óg - God of youth, beauty and love.

Celtic god and goddess statues

Our shop offers a wide variety of Celtic gods statues for sale. If you are fond of mythology and history of Europe, you should definitely pay attention to the list of our items. Each of them is like a symbol of a certain deity that people believed in many years ago and many still do. Handmade products are rare these days and they can serve as a nice present to a friend or become a valuable item in your collection. Luckily, there is a wide choice of pantheon gods to choose from that can relate to different professions and hobbies. Besides that, Celtic gods figurine can serve as an amulet that will protect you from jinx and bring you a lot of luck or even help you to recover from illness. Wooden statue of Diancecht, God of healing and medicine, will not disappoint you.

Celtic altar statues are made from environmentally friendly materials

We use wood of high quality to create our figurines, which undergoes careful processing. Materials are prepared in strict compliance with technological processes. Thanks to a responsible approach, products last for years, do not crack, and retain their original shape. As an example, take a look at the Celtic goddess statue of Flidais that is made of linden wood and coated with linseed oil. You can be sure that the color of the figurine will not fade in the sun, moisture will not ruin the surface of the item and it will be well protected from scratches and cracks due to its coating.

Celtic wooden figurine as a decoration

Besides all the above-mentioned reasons to buy our products, like high quality, professional work, valuable items for collectors, Celtic wooden figurines can be a beautiful decoration in your house. Paintings, vases with flowers, old-fashioned clocks are not the only things that can add beauty to the classical design of your place. Celtic gods statues will emphasize your passion for history, culture and national traditions. Handmade things will always be a symbol of a good style and high value. You can even take them with you when traveling, they do not weigh much and are small enough and to fit any bag and won’t bother you by taking too much space.

Dimensions and characteristics of the Celtic figurines

You can find different Celtic god and goddess statues for sale in our shop which dimensions can be slightly different on the range from 10 to 15 centimeters (4 – 6 inches). That is why they will perfectly fit anywhere in your flat or house without taking too much space and will look good in the interior. You can purchase ready-made sets of the full pantheon of gods or one of the smaller groups. Single items are available too, you can sort them on our website by name, price and date according to your preferences. We provide money back guarantee within 30 days from the time of your purchase and worldwide shipping.

Celtic idol wood

Due to carefully selected pieces of wood of specific type, Celtic wooden figurine is not exposed to the negative effects of moisture and air which cannot penetrate to the inner layers, does not turn black and retains its natural color throughout its entire life. Celtic idol wood keeps its qualities and remains the same like in the day when the statue was made. We use linden to create god and goddess statues. When it is properly dried, it is strong enough but still has a certain level of viscosity. These qualities help to maintain the original form and prevent deformation that can be caused by external negative factors in other cases.