Collection: Black Magic Figures

Black magic idol

Black magic is considered to be a combination of various mysterious rituals and actions, including the use of a ritual wood figure, in order to do evil things. Often evil spirits are summoned to help to achieve the result. European roots of black magic come from the ancient Roman and Christian periods of history. Further change and development this phenomenon continued in northern Europe. Besides that, black magic spread to other parts of the world due to exploration and migration after 1500. With time, science superseded both magic and religion in most countries but there are still many followers who practice black magic rituals.

Our online store offers a wide choice if various black magic statues, including intricately crafted wooden figures of demons, as well as pentagram candles that can be a addition to your collection and become a nice part of your house’s interior. Also, you can buy our products to make a gift to some of your friends who are fond of culture, religion, history and mythology. 

Black magic statue made of wood

Our figurines are made of linden wood and coated with linseed oil and wax. The process involves proper drying of the wooden pieces so that they become very solid but at the same time a certain level of viscosity remains. All this protects black magic figures from cracks and deformation. They maintain the same form as it was in the beginning. Besides that, moisture cannot penetrate inner layers of wood due to coating. The height of our items ranges from 15 to 25 centimeters (6 – 10 inches). The design of the statues is based on the original appearance of archaeological finds that include old shrines, temples, carved stones and pieces of wood. Ancient artisans depicted idols in a similar manner, so the products are distinguished by their quality and authenticity. Each black magic figure is a receptacle of divine power, which depicts the characteristics of a supernatural entity, depicts its attributes and symbols.

Mythology behind the black magic figures

Koschei is probably the most well-known figure of many myths and tales. He was one of the Chernobog’s children. People called him Koshchei the Deathles and feared him as well as satanic idols. But not only people, other gods tried to avoid meeting him too. He controlled and guarded the most terrible places in the underworld – the Dark Navi.

Goddess Morana is eternal deity that always existed. She was not born and will not die. She is a part of endless cycle of life and death and will exist in this world as long as the world itself exists. She takes deceased souls to Nav, the world of our ancestors.

Chornobog is the god of darkness. Many people associate him with all things evil and bad luck. He is often mentioned together with Bielobog as his antipode. They are considered to be two opposite sides of the same phenomenon.

Yenarei is an evil forest spirit. They say he can abduct those lost in the woods and you will never see them again. People were always afraid of him and the only way you can save yourself is to run away from him.

Mafava once was an angel but was banished from heaven and now lives in the underworld. He is associated with greed and gluttony. Myth says that he can allure people to join the dark side with the help of gold. 

All these black magic statues can be found in our shop among other items such as candlesticks in the form of coffin. We ship our products worldwide and have 30 days money back guarantee. You can buy single figurines or a set of them with a discount. If you or some of your friends are fond of dark art, gothic culture or mythology and history in general, then a good black magic figure from our craftsmen will be a good present. They do not take much space and can fit in your bag so you can easily transport them or take with you when traveling.