Collection: Slavic Gods Figurines

History behind Slavic goddess statues

Before christening, Slavic people believed in many gods that were related to various natural phenomenons and objects. There was a big pantheon of gods who were worshiped and respected. Sometimes people made animal sacrifices in favor of the deities or organized mystical ceremonies to praise them. This way they asked them for help to have good harvest, to heal different diseases or defeat their enemies. In ancient times, people worshiped supernatural forces and asked them for help and protection. Without knowing the exact appearance of higher beings, they were depicted as human-like, given animal features, or decorated with symbols that indicated the sphere of responsibility of God. In the digital age, the practice of worshiping idols has gone away and figurines are preserved as decorations that add a special ambiance to the home. Slavic gods figurine allow people to remember their ancestors and feel the power that connects generations. They decorate the house and give support in business and endeavors. In our shop you can buy many Slavic wooden idols of your choice or make an individual order if you can’t find the one you want to have.

Mythology behind Slavic gods statues

If we compare Norse and Slavic mythology, we can see that there are many similarities. Perun is the main god of the pantheon, he is the god of thunder and war that is similar to Thor and Odin in Scandinavia. People usually worshiped Perun in high places by building shrines and special buildings for their ceremonies. Also, they often carved the images of the Slavic heathen idols on wood and stone.

Veles was considered to be the god of storm and shapeshifting. Being an enemy of Perun, he is very tricky and has sorcery skills. Myths of many Slavic tribes describe him as the one who stole Perun’s children to take them with him to hell. Veles is similar to Loki of the Scandinavian pantheon of gods.

Belobog and Chernobog are very popular in Slavic mythology and are often mentioned together as 2 sides of the same natural phenomenon – day and night, light and darkness. Literal translation of their names is “white god” and “dark god”. In some cases, Chernobog is associated with everything evil and bad, while Belobog represents everything good and kind.

Symbolism of Slavic goddess figurine

The gods in Slavic mythology have close ties to the natural world, so each entity was responsible for a specific area. The Slavic gods statues presented in the store depict the entire divine pantheon; you can choose the most suitable option in accordance with your tastes or beliefs. Items are made by hand, the products convey the mood and emotions of the artisan, which cannot be achieved with factory production. Each product is original and presented in a single copy; by purchasing Slavic wooden idols, you become the owner of a unique item. Each god in Slavic mythology was responsible for certain properties of the surrounding world, so the symbolism contained in the figurines makes them ideal gifts for friends with different occupations and hobbies. They can also be presented based on personality traits or individual characteristics of a person.

Slavic god figurine

The design of the figurines is based on the original appearance of archaeological finds. Ancient artisans depicted idols in a similar manner, so the products are distinguished by their quality and authenticity. Each Slavic gods figurine is a receptacle of divine power, which depicts the characteristics of a supernatural entity, depicts its attributes and symbols. For sale are several dozens of supreme beings from the mythology. You can purchase ready-made sets from the full pantheon of gods or one of the small altars. If the proposed options are not suitable, then we offer any options for Slavic gods statues for sale. You can group products based on your own wishes and tastes.

Each item is approximately 15 centimeters, or 6 inches, tall. It is made of linden wood and coated with linseed oil. We ship worldwide, provide high quality of our products and money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. Besides that, we are open for custom orders if you want to have something unique and didn’t find it in our online shop.