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Wooden Norse god statues

We want to create only the best products for our clients with high-quality characteristics to make them durable and nice looking. Our craftsmen use linden to make wooden god idols of Norse mythology and thanks to this kind of material it is not exposed to the negative effects of moisture and air, does not turn black and retains its natural color throughout its entire life. First of all, linden is dried to the necessary condition when it becomes very strong but at the same time retains a certain percentage of viscosity. Such kind of wood makes it possible to avoid cracks and keep the form of statues in its original form for a long period of time.

Norse goddess and god statues

Norse mythology has many deities that are associated with various natural phenomenons. Some gods are higher in rank and importance than others. There are 2 leading clans of them: Æsir and Vanir. Such gods as Odin, Hod, Tyr, Thor and some others belong to the first mentioned clan. They belong to the highest rank in the division. Freyja, Vale, Mimir, etc. belong to the most popular heroic idols of the 2nd group. You can find many of these Norse god small statues made of wood in our shop or you can make in individual order to obtain any particular god of your choice.

We will take responsibility and assume that Odin is the most popular and the most spoken god of the Scandinavian mythology. His father was Borr and  Jötunn Bestla was his mother. Odin was the god of war and the courageous king of Asgard. Not many people know that he was also considered the god of poetry and magic. Legend says that he sacrificed one of his eyes to see the universe better and clearly, his wisdom helped him to understand many old secrets of cosmos. Odin had 5 children and different wives.

Not much information is known about Odin’s father, Borr. There are many rumors about him but no one can tell us for sure what is true and what is not. No one knows who his mother was. His is often associated with the first origins of this world and soil.

Frigg was the spouse of Odin. She was a symbol of fertility, passion, attraction and future events. She was a devoted wife despite Odin’s numerous love affairs. Also, she had the ability to see the future and was called the great queen of Asgard. Thanks to Frigg the last day of the week before weekend is called Friday. You can find this Norse goddess figurine in our shop. It can be a good present to someone you love and care about.

Thor is one of the most popular Gods that is well-known by many people. He was one of the children of Odin and the husband of the goddess named Sif. Thor, the god of thunder, was the savior of people. He is always shown with a hammer in his hands that could break mountains and kill any giant monster. In pictures, Thor is often shown riding a chariot. A few people know that the word “Thursday” comes from the old Norse language meaning “Thor’s Day”. You can buy such Norse god statues in our shop too.

Freya is the goddess of passion and sensuality, and is often related to a symbol of such qualities as friendship, love, bearing of children and attractive appearance. The same as Frigg. But besides that, she practiced a form of magic called Seidr related to command, management, destiny and the way that a person will go in his or her life.

All of these Norse goddess and god statues are available in our online store.

Norse goddess figurine

To create the figurine, high-quality wood is used, which undergoes careful processing. Materials are prepared in strict compliance with technological processes. Thanks to a responsible approach, products last for years, do not crack, and retain their original shape.

During the process, Norse god small statues wood are coated with linseed oil and natural wax to protect against oxidation, prevent insects from damaging the wood, and prevent moisture from penetrating into the inner layers of the material. Thanks to the coating, the products do not change color over time.

Norse god figurines

The figurines presented in the store have small dimensions, which are 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) in height. The small size allows you to put the wooden Norse god statues in any room or take it with you on a trip. They take up little space, fit perfectly into the interior of the house and emphasize the taste of the owners. Also, these items can be a valuable addition to your collection of hand-made things and emphasize your passion for culture, mythology and traditions.