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Wooden figurine of Slavic God KOSCHEI

Wooden figurine of Slavic God KOSCHEI

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This is hand carved wooden small figurine of the Slavic god - Koschei.
It is made of linden wood and coated with linseed oil.
The figurine is approximately 15 centimeters (6 Inches) tall.

God KOSCHEI was the youngest son of Chernobog, but his strength was great. The brothers bowed before him as before the Lord of the Dark. Because Koschey the Deathless was in charge and guarded the most terrible place in the Dark Navi. It was the Moon Chamber, where Chernobog himself rested. Everyone knew about the immense power of Koshchei, that his swords and armor were enchanted by dark spells. So none of the weapons took him. Koschey knew the souls of the dead, and all sorts of creatures that lived in the shade and under the cover of night. And the fear of the people before Him was great. But not only people, but also the Light Gods avoided meeting with him.

Only a single copy!

I can make figurines of other gods on an individual order.


Each product is handmade with special love.The product cannot have exact copies and you will receive a unique item.

Made from natural materials

All Figures are made from environmentally friendly materials. Linden wood is used for production. Then they are painted with a special water-based wood paint and coated with flax oil.

Delivery from a small business in Ukraine

When purchasing goods from my store, you will support Ukraine in this difficult time.

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