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Small set of slavic figurines.Yarylo, Morana, Chernobog, Zhiva, Dajdbog

Small set of slavic figurines.Yarylo, Morana, Chernobog, Zhiva, Dajdbog

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This is hand carved set of wooden small figurines Slavic Gods - Yarylo, Morana, Chernobog, Zhiva and Dajdbog.
They made of linden tree.
All figurines are approximately 10 (4 inches) centimeters tall.

About this Gods:

DAJDBOG is the god of fertility, sunlight and life force. Ancient Slavs considered themselves as Dajdbog's grandchildren. He gives the earth and the people such great benefits as light and vital heat. In old slavic language the name Dajdbog means "giving" and "fullfils desires". He is the only god, who could asked for anything.

Slavic God CHERNOBOG is a dark hypostasis of the supreme Slavic God Rod. Chernobog is the Master of Navi, Darkness. This Slavic God embodies the universal forces of destruction and change for rebirth in a new level

In Slavic mythology MORANA is the goddess of death, corresponding to the season rituals of dying and resurrection of nature, and also with the rituals of rainmaking. In the spring rituals of the Slavs Morana was made as a straw scarecrow which associated with death and winter. This scarecrow been drowned or burned during the celebration of the ancient holiday of Maslenitsa at the time of the Vernal Equinox, which was intended to ensure the harvest. You can ask Marena to destroy all the bad and the evil that has accumulated in your life.

God YARYLO is a young Slavic god of bright, violent passion, fierce, irresistible force, the young god of spring, rebirth and flowering for all vitality.

ZHIVA is a Slavic goddess of life, fertility, birth and spring. Jiva is the daughter of the goddess Lada. According to another version, it was created at the same time as Svarog, as the female hypostasis of God Rod. Jiva is the patroness of young girls and young wives.

Only a single copy!

I can make figurines of other gods or goddesses on an individual order.


Each product is handmade with special love.The product cannot have exact copies and you will receive a unique item.

Made from natural materials

All Figures are made from environmentally friendly materials. Linden wood is used for production. Then they are painted with a special water-based wood paint and coated with flax oil.

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