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Small set of slavic figurines. Makosh, Hors, Chur, Dana, Stribog

Small set of slavic figurines. Makosh, Hors, Chur, Dana, Stribog

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This is hand carved set of wooden small figurines Slavic Gods - Makosh, Hors, Chur, Dana and Stribog.
They made of linden tree.
All figurines are approximately 10 (4 inches) centimeters tall.

About this Gods:

God STRIBOG is a deity of Slavic mythology. All the winds were considered his grandchildren. He was depicted as the grey-haired old man holding a horn in his hand, by which he awakens the winds, his grandchildren. Eagle was the animal symbolizing Stribog.

DANA is the Slavic goddess of water, the bright and kind goddess who gives life to all living beings. Special honor this goddess bestowed during the Kupala celebration. Mother Water, Divine water, Space water, she appears in the visible world as rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Dana is the wife of Slavic Dazhdbog God. Dana Proslovlyayut near streams, rivers, and the water in them becomes healing. Young girls calls Dana to ask her to find their lover..

HORS is Slavic deity of uncertain functions, probably a Sun god. His wooden idol was situated on the top of a hill in Kiev, next to the idol of Perun, Dabog, Stribog, Simargl and Mokosh.

MAKOSH is a great Slavic goddess. She has a secret knowlege about all the fates of people living on this earth. Makosh spins the thread of fate of every person into a ball. The thread depends on our actions, good deeds and bad deeds in our ball of fate.

CHUR God of boundaries and of the delimitation of properties. He is comparable to the Roman Terminus.

Only a single copy!

I can make figurines of other gods or goddesses on an individual order.ual order.


Each product is handmade with special love.The product cannot have exact copies and you will receive a unique item.

Made from natural materials

All Figures are made from environmentally friendly materials. Linden wood is used for production. Then they are painted with a special water-based wood paint and coated with flax oil.

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