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Wooden figurine of Norse God THOR

Wooden figurine of Norse God THOR

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This is hand carved wooden small figurine of the Norse god - Thor.
It is made of linden wood and coated with linseed oil.
The figurine is approximately 15 centimeters (6 Inches) tall.

In Norse mythology, THOR is the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning, associated with storms, oak trees, strength, hallowing, fertility, the protection of mankind and of the fortress of Asgard. The son of Odin All-Father and Jörð (the personification of Earth), he is physically the strongest of the Æsir.

Only a single copy!

I can make figurines of other gods on an individual order.

Thor, Idol Of The Norse Mythology

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Thor has a great popularity in the modern world and culture. Partly, it can be a result of his depiction in various forms of media. Here's some of the examples how Thor is represented in modern literature:

  1. Literature and different fiction stories: Thor is still a recognized subject in literature and fiction, with authors drawing pictures of the Scandinavic mythology to create new stories and interpretations of the iconic idol. Numerous novels, graphic novels, and comics feature Thor as a main character.
  2. Video Games: Thor is a recurring figure in computer games, both as a standalone protagonist and as part of larger ensemble casts. Games like "God of War," "Marvel's Avengers," and "Thor: God of Thunder" allow players to experience Thor's adventures firsthand, battling enemies with his huge hammer in his hand.
  3. Art and Merchandise: Thor idols were frequently depicted as a part of various forms of art and merchandise, such as posters, action figures, and items of different collections. Artists and designers often reinterpret Thor's iconic appearance and symbols, creating unique and visually striking visuals of the Scandinavic god.
  4. Pop Culture References: References of the Scandinavic gods including Thor and other deities of the Norse mythology are present in contemporary culture, appearing in television shows, films, music, and even advertising.
  5. Inspiration for Fitness and Lifestyle: Thor's portrayal as a powerful and physically imposing character has inspired fitness enthusiasts and athletes to adopt the "Thor workout" or "Thor diet" to achieve similar levels of strength and fitness. The character serves as a symbol of physical prowess and determination for many individuals striving to improve their health and well-being.

Thor Idol

Overall, Thor's representation in the modern time reflects the enduring fascination with mythology, heroism, and larger-than-life figures. Whether in comics, movies, video games, or other forms of media, Thor continues to captivate audiences and inspire new generations of fans.

Find a prominent place to display your idol of Thor, such as a shelf, altar, or mantelpiece. Consider incorporating it into your home decor alongside other Norse-inspired elements to create a cohesive theme.

Thor idol can be a deeply rewarding experience, allowing you to connect with the rich heritage and symbolism of Norse culture.


Each product is handmade with special love.The product cannot have exact copies and you will receive a unique item.

Made from natural materials

All Figures are made from environmentally friendly materials. Linden wood is used for production. Then they are painted with a special water-based wood paint and coated with flax oil.

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