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Hand Carved Wooden Zbruch Idol.

Hand Carved Wooden Zbruch Idol.

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This is a wooden copy of the famous Zbruch idol.

It can be ordered in two sizes: 28 centimeters(11 inches) and 37 centimeters(14.5 inches).
The statue is covered with wax and linseed oil.

Only a single copy!

The Zbruch Idol, Sviatovid is a 9th-century sculpture, more precisely an example of a bałwan, and one of the few monuments of pre-Christian Slavic beliefs. The pillar was commonly incorrectly associated with the Slavic deity Svetovid, although current opinions on the exact meaning of all the bas-reliefs and their symbols differ. It is thought that the three tiers of bas-relief represent the three levels of the world, from the bottom underworld, to the middle mortal world and the uppermost, largest, world of heavenly gods.
The Zbruch Idol is a four-sided pillar of grey limestone, 2.67 m (105,11 inches) in height, and has three tiers of reliefs engraved upon each of the four sides.
Three sides of the lowest tier show a kneeling, bearded entity who appears to support the upper tier on his hands; the fourth side is blank.
The middle tier shows a smaller entity with extended arms on all four sides.
The four sides of the uppermost tier have the largest figures of the idol, with four faces united beneath a tall rounded hat. Each of the sides has a distinct attribute: a ring or a bracelet; a drinking horn, or horn of plenty, and a tiny "child" figure; a sword and a horse; and an eroded solar symbol.
Boris Rybakov in his 1987 work Paganism of Ancient Rus argued that four sides of the top tier represent four different Slavic gods, two female and two male, with their corresponding middle-tier entities always of the opposite gender. In Rybakov's hypothesis, the male deity with the horse and sword is the Lightning god Perun, the female with the horn of plenty is Mokosh, the female with the ring is Lada, and the male deity with the solar symbol, above the empty underworld, is Dažbog.


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